Spring XPress Denmark

Spring XPress is a Danish Graphic Production and IT company based in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. Our core competences are graphic production services and IT development of Digital Brand Management solutions.

We aim to optimize and improve our clients’ processes by creating synergies based on our graphical production solutions and our technological expertise.

Among our clients are banks as well as large retailers and international B2B companies. They all require our services to be of the highest uniform standard.

At Spring XPress we value demanding clients, because that is what pushes our innovative spirit to the limit and why we continuously apply new technologies and new ways of doing things – for the benefit of our clients.






Spring XPress wants to be a leading international graphic production and IT company. Our core business is all forms of digital publishing activities – on paper, on screen and online. We want to be the market’s preferred supplier and to be the industry's leading business in profitability and growth. This is achieved through a culture of innovation, and through continuous improvement of the way we do business and the quality of all aspects of our work.


We strive to optimize and improve our clients’ processes by creating synergy between our premedia solutions and our technological competences. By continuously applying new technologies, we provide state-of-the art graphic production services and Digital Brand Management solutions for our clients. Customizable solutions ensure efficient handling of all assets and optimize work processes within marketing activities and communication, thus securing business value for our clients.

Spring XPress Vietnam

Spring XPress has established a subsidiary company in Vietnam in order to strengthen our competitiveness and meet our ambitions for international growth.

The name of our subsidiary is Spring XPress Vietnam. The company is founded on the same policies which make up the foundation of our success in Denmark within the fields of graphic production and development of web-based Digital Brand Management solutions.

Spring XPress Vietnam went into operation in March 2009 with approx. 20 employees. In 2013 the number of employees exceeded 50.

We live in a globalized world, and the Internet is a dominant factor in most people's lives. Concurrent with the availability of ever increasing bandwidths, the physical geographic location of a workplace is of ever lesser importance.

The time difference between Denmark and Vietnam works to our European clients' advantage – as does the fact that our teams in Vietnam work night shifts and longer hours. This makes it possible to start up a job in Denmark in the late afternoon and subsequently receive the completed job back from Vietnam first thing the following morning.

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