The client is a group of business units operating within two main industries: Shipping and Energy. The Group currently employs more than 100,000 people. 

The situation:

A new Corporate Visual Identity had been created for the Client. It needed to be implemented in all of the Client’s business units. Several business units had their own brand management system, making it extremely difficult to exert any kind of centralized management, control and support.




The outcome:

  • The new Corporate Visual Identity was implemented much faster and easier than anticipated.
  • XMedia and XPublish has been widely adapted by all members of the Group.
  • Several Business Units have added their own material to the system, thus making it available to all Group members.
  • New ideas continuously develop across the line of Business Units, creating cross inspiration and discouraging members from ’re-inventing the wheel’ every time.
  • Thousands of logins indicate a widespread adaption and acceptance of the self-service options across the line.
  • The amount of files downloaded results in thousands of hours spared for manual look-ups and distribution.

Client cases

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