The toy manufactor is recognized as one of the world's strongest brands. This is due, not only, to very high quality standards and consistency in all respects. The client has an in-house graphic production setup that produces houndreds of graphic projects each year.

The situation:

The Client previously employed several different outsourcing setups. However, due to a very substantial growth, they wanted a graphics system supplier that was willing to work together with their in-house graphic department to achieve the very high standards they set for themselves. Due to sporadic peaks of high workloads, it was important that the new setup was flexible and could be scaled while maintaining quality and meeting very tight deadlines.

The outcome:

  • Digital XPress has continually worked together with the Client to achieve flawless quality in all their graphic productions. As a result, our system is able to handle more files while incorporating new areas of graphic production work, for instance color correction of images, which is all-important for the Client’s graphic identity.
  • As a result of our knowhow on moving large quantities of files, on-time delivery is achieved by employing purpose designed workflows and efficient tracking systems.
  • The Senior Manager­ at the Client’s Graphics Department, praises Digital XPress's ability to understand the way the client works while constantly challenging workflows, and for Digital XPress’ ability to apply the knowhow gained to a highly efficient system for delivering graphic works.

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