Danske Bank is Denmark's largest bank and financial group currently operating in 15 countries.

The situation:

Danske Bank has been a client of Digital XPress’ since 2003. Besides their main business; corporate and private banking, Danske Bank operates several individual subbrands, each with a strong position in the market and each dependent on maintaining a strong brand through a high level of marketing activities in local medias.

In order to streamline these activities, Danske Bank was looking for a way to centrally develop marketing material while still allowing the subbrands to control and manage their individual marketing activities locally. In response to this, Digital XPpress developed a purpose designed system for handling all of the Danske Bank Group's marketing assets; a system that supports local creation of template based advertisements and print material.

The outcome:

  • Danske Bank’s Online Mediabank is now the Group's preferred tool for creating, controlling, and implementing marketing campaigns.
  • Improved time-to-marked efficiency.
  • Several workflows have been developed to enhance the processes, for instance media booking and print ordering. Approving, commenting or rejecting user created layouts based on templates.
  • More than a thousand templates have been created so far. Administrators are able to add new versions of templates and continually edit and manage end-user input options.
  • Specialized features have been introduced which make templates more flexible to size and text input while ensuring correct brand colors regardless of end-media.
  • Thousands of user-created layouts based on templates and tens of thousands files are downloaded each year.

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