As world leader in facility management, it is extremely important to ISS to communicate the company brand in a uniform way in all marketing materials such as brochures, advertisements, banners, on company cars, etc. – whether in Denmark, Indonesia, Chile, or any other of the more than 50 countries throughout the world where ISS is currently operating. 

The Situation:

From a modest start in 1901, ISS has grown to become the world's leading provider of facility services, offering services on an international scale with leveraged knowledge and experience. Today ISS is also one of the world's largest employers with more than 530,000 people on its payrolls. 

ISS Group Marketing has many users located in many different time zones across the world. Before the introduction of the media toolbox it was very difficult and time-consuming to serve all the "clients" in the organization efficiently. The company management requires that everybody concerned has immediate and unrestricted access to exactly the same information and marketing materials at all times.

In order to accommodate this requirement, the central marketing department of ISS in Copenhagen, Denmark, decided to implement the XMedia and XPublish solutions from Digital XPress.

The Outcome:

As a result, ISS now has control of the company's brand and design profile across the board.

Users are able to prepare their own marketing materials by means of XMedia and XPublish without having to involve the central marketing department. This enables more focus on innovation and development of communication and the marketing platform. 

The ISS marketing department is now capable of maintaining a very high service level to all its users regardless of their whereabouts or position in the organization.

"One of the strong points of the XMedia and XPublish solutions from Digital XPress is that the systems offer worldwide access to all our graphic materials 24-7 – noticeably, in such a way that the individual users do not need to be capable of operating advanced graphic software. Nor do they need to keep track of numerous DVDs or other storage media with marketing assets, which are often out of date anyway”, says Brian Borup, Marketing Specialist from ISS.

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