Rosendahl Design Group is the name behind a wide range of innovative design products for private homes. The company  controls several strong design brands such as Rosendahl Copenhagen, Holmegaard, Kay Bojesen, Global Knives and Arne Jacobsen wall clocks, as well as several well-known subbrands. Their products are being sold in most European countries.

For Rosendahl Design Group, the visual appearance of their communication and marketing materials is of vital importance. Short time-to-market situations are often the case.

"Although design is our core competence, we have chosen to outsource our graphic production to Digital XPress. For the past five  years, Digital XPress has successfully been producing finished artwork for Rosendahl's advertisements, packaging, price lists, etc. I have no doubts about the substantial savings and practical advantages that we achieve by outsourcing our graphics production; especially when being engaged in a business that fluctuates considerably over a work year”, says Charlotte Fly Andersen, Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Communication at Rosendahl Design Group.

Between their advertising agencies, Rosendahl Design Group's own marketing departments, and a widespread network of dealers, the company maintains a constant focus on quality and uniformity in its marketing communication. It is extremely important always to supply the right images and the required artwork for any given job to partners. In order to ensure this, Rosendahl Design Group needed a single source supplier that was able to handle sharing of assets and enabling quick and easy access to their co-operation partners. As Digital XPress was already familiar with Rosendahl Design Groups's work routines, it was a comparatively easy task to implement XMedia as the centre for distribution of all the Rosendahl Design Group marketing materials.

The outcome:

  • Rosendahl Design Group first employed XMedia when they only operated one brand. Currently, the system is the centre for distribution of all  Rosendahl Design Group's marketing assets for all their brands.
  • XMedia serves as a workflow hub where graphic materials, images from a great variety of photographers, etc., are exchanged, processed and approved on a daily basis.
  • Digital XPress handles the production of advertisements and packaging for all  of Rosendahl Design Group's brands. This is a result of Rosendahl Design Group having been favorably satisfied with the co-operation and flexibility gotten from Digital XPress's team of graphic designers.
  • "As a result of the combination of Digital XPress's professional expertise and their thorough knowledge of our company, they frequently come up with new ideas and proposals for viable solutions that we had not even thought of ourselves. This provides added value for us", says Charlotte Fly Andersen.

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