XL-BYG is Scandinavia's largest building materials supplier and technical adviser with over 250 stores across Scandinavia. Under the same brand, XL-BYG successfully embraces both the trade market and the private DIY market.

The situation:

XL-BYG had a well implemented graphic production setup with their former agency; however, they needed a way to better communicate their key values to their target groups. Digital XPress's sister company, ZupaRecommended, supplied the creative baseline for XL-BYG's television commercials backed up by a new graphic design. To ensure a successful implementation, all graphic production was subsequently placed in the hands of Digital XPress.


The outcome:

  • XL-BYG's entire product and image databases were transferred from the former agency to Digital XPress's systems with new integrations made to both the client's ERP system and Webshop.
  • Digital XPress advised XL-BYG on how to improve the production process for campaign brochures thereby reducing the average production time by several weeks.
  • Digital XPress manages all texts for XL-BYG's campaign materials. The texts are being created in a semiautomatic production process which also handles contact to XL-BYG's suppliers and the proofing process.
  • XL-BYG's campaigns have been well received by everyone involved as well as the target groups. Today Digital XPress manages all XL-BYG’s images, and every month many pages of advertising material are produced, in addition to banners and other forms of printed marketing materials.

Client cases

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