Digital Brand Management with XMedia. One platform for all your marketing materials.

The Digital Brand Management solution from Spring XPress is a hosted (Software as a Service - Saas) web-based platform consisting of various advanced but easy-to-use modules. The solution supports all processes in the marketing function while optimizing these in connection with development, maintenance and distribution of marketing assets, and in the processes relating to brand management.

The Digital Brand Management solution can be used out-of-the-box or it can be customized to accommodate specific client needs. Spring XPress is able to integrate the platform with our clients’ ERP systems, Webshops, CMS solutions, etc. This enables import and linking of customized metadata to images and other files in the system. It also enables export and synchronization of any changes in the system to any platform on the customer side. 

Our Digital Brand Management solution is based on a "one file, one place" principle. All creative assets, metadata, etc., are stored in one place in one master edition. This approach eliminates the need for local archives and limits manual transactions and unnecessary re-loops in the proofing process. Because the solution is web-based, changes in assets or metadata will be available to the users online in real time. All that the user needs is a computer and a web browser.

Because the Digital Brand Management solution from Spring XPress is a hosted (Saas) solution we are able to guarantee our customers a very fast implementation time with no unforeseen expenses – and a transparent TCO overview with no unpleasant extra costs.

We constantly strive to make the interface of XMedia as intuitive as possible.
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File handling and conversion
XMedia has a vast and powerful set of permission management tools, thus making sure that the right assets are always available to the right user.
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Metadata and Search
Metadata is a way of classifying assets. It is also the foundation of any DAMs search capabilities. Each bit of data added to XMedia is tagged with metadata, some are generic other are client specific.
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Users of XMedia are able to share assets among each other or externally.
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Campaign Folders and Asset Availability
Campaign Folders presents assets in a more descriptive way. XMedia’s Asset Availabilty module ensures the right assets are made (un)available at the right time
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Data import
Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution and that you would like to transfer previous work to XMedia.
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XMedia works seamlessly, for instance in relation to your product database, thereby making product information accessible right next to your assets.
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User administration
If you are using XMedia templates, the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used and by whom.
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If you’re using XMedia templates the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used by your company.
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XPublish templates
Templates can be anything; a poster, a sign, an ad, a flyer, a brochure, whatever.
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XMedia provides two types of workflow: "Asset workflows" and "XMedia template workflows".
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At Spring XPress we take pride in ensuring a troublefree implementation of Xmedia as well as creating a solid foundation for your company’s adaption of XMedia.
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Client cases

Invite a Spring XPress representative to your office to demo the brand management solution and see how Spring XPress can optimize your brand management.

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