Data import

Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution. If you have already spent time and resources structuring assets, uploading metadata, etc., you will of course want to be able transfer these to XMedia. Such transfers are a routine part of building an XMedia solution, and at Spring XPress we are experienced in importing data from other solutions.

Transferring Files and folders
When transferring folders, tags, etc., to XMedia it is important that the structure you have chosen for these in your previous system is kept after the transfer. It is important that the transfer is performed as smoothly as possible without undue problems for your users. Normally we will simply duplicate the structure used for your previous DAM system and apply that to XMedia. However, Spring XPress are always happy to challenge you to do things better if we feel we have something to offer that will improve the efficiency of your solution.

Transferring Metadata
If metadata are integrated in your assets, these will be available in XMedia the same second the assets have been transferred. If metadata need to be transferred from another system, this is no problem when using generic document formats like MS Excel-documents, XML files, or even a MS Access database.

Transferring Users
Transferring users and creating new users for the XMedia solution is easy. Simply provide Spring XPress with the relevant user info and we will create the users.

We constantly strive to make the interface of XMedia as intuitive as possible.
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File handling and conversion
XMedia has a vast and powerful set of permission management tools, thus making sure that the right assets are always available to the right user.
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Metadata and Search
Metadata is a way of classifying assets. It is also the foundation of any DAMs search capabilities. Each bit of data added to XMedia is tagged with metadata, some are generic other are client specific.
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Users of XMedia are able to share assets among each other or externally.
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Campaign Folders and Asset Availability
Campaign Folders presents assets in a more descriptive way. XMedia’s Asset Availabilty module ensures the right assets are made (un)available at the right time
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Data import
Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution and that you would like to transfer previous work to XMedia.
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XMedia works seamlessly, for instance in relation to your product database, thereby making product information accessible right next to your assets.
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User administration
If you are using XMedia templates, the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used and by whom.
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If you’re using XMedia templates the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used by your company.
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XPublish templates
Templates can be anything; a poster, a sign, an ad, a flyer, a brochure, whatever.
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XMedia provides two types of workflow: "Asset workflows" and "XMedia template workflows".
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At Spring XPress we take pride in ensuring a troublefree implementation of Xmedia as well as creating a solid foundation for your company’s adaption of XMedia.
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