User experience is all-important when working with XMedia. Spring XPress are fully aware that XMedia is used by thousands of users with very different levels of expertise when it comes to IT-systems and graphic productions.

That is one of the reasons why we are constantly striving to make the XMedia interface as intuitive as possible. 

Why change things that are already working well? Why change processes that users are familiar with from other IT-systems or their desktop-computer? With XMedia, even novice users can easily find the assets needed by using the system's hierarchal navigation or by using the search tools. The more experienced user will appreciate the advanced search features made available by XMedia's advanced metadata framework.

Users will quickly adapt to always having the right tools at their fingertips. XMedia automatically keep track of which assets individual users employ. The relevant tools are subsequently automatically presented in the contextual toolbox, readily available for use. Renaming, moving or converting a file is seldom more than a couple of clicks away.

If a user wants to access metadata of an asset, the metadata pane slides in smoothly and is updated each time a new asset is selected. 

When using the Web-to-Print templates, the entire screen window is designated to the template editor, focusing on the page preview and allowing the user to get an overview of which part of the template that needs attention. The principles of navigation, which the user is already familiar with from the assets area, is brought right in to the template editor.

With an XMedia solution from Spring XPress, creating high-quality graphic productions is made easy for everyone regardless of previous experience. Thousands of users with different backgrounds and experience and with different levels of it-knowledge, who are perhaps unfamiliar with graphic design work, use XMedia every day to create high quality graphic productions. 

If you wish to give the interface of your XMedia solution a visual appearance that complies with your company's design specifications, we offer to adapt the standard interface of XMedia to your corporate design by applying your logo, company colors, etc., to the interface.

Your XMedia solution can be made available from any web address you may wish, for instance "".

We constantly strive to make the interface of XMedia as intuitive as possible.
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File handling and conversion
XMedia has a vast and powerful set of permission management tools, thus making sure that the right assets are always available to the right user.
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Metadata and Search
Metadata is a way of classifying assets. It is also the foundation of any DAMs search capabilities. Each bit of data added to XMedia is tagged with metadata, some are generic other are client specific.
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Users of XMedia are able to share assets among each other or externally.
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Campaign Folders and Asset Availability
Campaign Folders presents assets in a more descriptive way. XMedia’s Asset Availabilty module ensures the right assets are made (un)available at the right time
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Data import
Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution and that you would like to transfer previous work to XMedia.
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XMedia works seamlessly, for instance in relation to your product database, thereby making product information accessible right next to your assets.
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User administration
If you are using XMedia templates, the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used and by whom.
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If you’re using XMedia templates the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used by your company.
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XPublish templates
Templates can be anything; a poster, a sign, an ad, a flyer, a brochure, whatever.
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XMedia provides two types of workflow: "Asset workflows" and "XMedia template workflows".
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At Spring XPress we take pride in ensuring a troublefree implementation of Xmedia as well as creating a solid foundation for your company’s adaption of XMedia.
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