User administration

Users should always be the main focus when deploying a DAM system; or any IT-system for that matter. After successfully implementing an XMedia solution, the objective is to ensure that as many users as possible will experience it as the ideal source for all their assets needs.

Designing user permissions is always a balancing act between allowing users access to as much data as they need, without overwhelming them with possibilities they do not need, i.e. guiding the individual user to access data relevant for that specific user.

Spring XPress will be happy to assist you with designing the user permission configuration. Experience shows that spending time on designing the basic user rights setup saves a lot of time in the subsequent administration of users. 

Once the user permissions have been set up, it is easy to maintain the user database in XMedia. It is easy to get an overview of all current users from the "User Administration" portfolio and to administrate their memberships of user groups etc. 

Under "User Administration" you will also find a complete list of users awaiting approval for access, users that have been approved, and access applications that have been rejected.

Each user is given an XMedia user license. This can be nullified any time by resetting the user. Resetting means that the user will be deleted from the system (together with all material produced in Web-to-Print templates, all assets in the user's "My folder", etc.). This means, that when an employee leaves your company, access to XMedia is revoked by just a few clicks, and the user license is made available for a new user. 

If you are granting access to a temporary user or any third party, you do not need to worry about revoking their access rights when these are no longer applicable. All you have to do is to set an expiry date and the access rights are automatically disabled when the time comes. If you should need to prolong the access period, this is as easy as changing the expiry date.

Passwords get mislaid and forgotten, that is a fact. With XMedia you do not need to worry about this, XMedia passwords are encrypted and irretrievable. Should a user lose or forget his or her password, you can easily issue a new (random generated) password from the "User Administration" menu. If for any reason required, a user can also be granted permission to change a password.

Managing XMedia users is as simple as locating assets in the system; straight forward and intuitive.

We constantly strive to make the interface of XMedia as intuitive as possible.
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File handling and conversion
XMedia has a vast and powerful set of permission management tools, thus making sure that the right assets are always available to the right user.
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Metadata and Search
Metadata is a way of classifying assets. It is also the foundation of any DAMs search capabilities. Each bit of data added to XMedia is tagged with metadata, some are generic other are client specific.
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Users of XMedia are able to share assets among each other or externally.
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Campaign Folders and Asset Availability
Campaign Folders presents assets in a more descriptive way. XMedia’s Asset Availabilty module ensures the right assets are made (un)available at the right time
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Data import
Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution and that you would like to transfer previous work to XMedia.
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XMedia works seamlessly, for instance in relation to your product database, thereby making product information accessible right next to your assets.
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User administration
If you are using XMedia templates, the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used and by whom.
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If you’re using XMedia templates the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used by your company.
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XPublish templates
Templates can be anything; a poster, a sign, an ad, a flyer, a brochure, whatever.
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XMedia provides two types of workflow: "Asset workflows" and "XMedia template workflows".
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At Spring XPress we take pride in ensuring a troublefree implementation of Xmedia as well as creating a solid foundation for your company’s adaption of XMedia.
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