If a person does not bring added value by performing a task, the task should be done automatically.

XMedia provides two types of workflows: "Asset Workflows" and "XMedia Template Workflows". Asset workflows ensure streamlined and uniform handling of different assets. Such workflows are designed specifically for the individual customer. Asset workflows are typically applied when preparing many images in a similar manner. In such situations, ‘hot folders’ are created ensuring that the assets put into these folders will be processed in the exact same manner. This could be simple processes such as moving or copying the files. It could also involve more complex operations such as image processing, for instance cut outs, retouch, color corrections, or photo manipulation.

Imagine being able to provide your users with the option to upload images, having them processed according to the company's Design Guide while knowing that every asset will undergo quality control to meet the company brand standards, before they are released.

Aside from ensuring that the company's design standards are adhered to when producing graphic material, XMedia templates can also utilize workflows. Some templates are relatively simple while others are more complex. The complex ones can be run through the central marketing department before the finished material is released to the end user. 

XPublish templates provide an easy way to produce ads. When done, it is possible to send the ads direct to the relevant media via XPublish’s built-in Media Module. If the material is going to print, simply attach the Order Module to the template and specify where the printed material is to be produced. The user only needs to specify the desired quantity. 

It goes without saying that workflows are extremely versatile and time-saving. Not only do they ensure a uniform handling of files, but they actually enable users to make even better business arrangements with third-party suppliers, for instance by assuring your print shop that all materials they receive for printing will be of a technically uniform quality, with all information needed, every time.

If you are involved in workflows, for instance as an approver, XMedia’s task lists provides an overview of which tasks are awaiting your action.

We constantly strive to make the interface of XMedia as intuitive as possible.
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File handling and conversion
XMedia has a vast and powerful set of permission management tools, thus making sure that the right assets are always available to the right user.
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Metadata and Search
Metadata is a way of classifying assets. It is also the foundation of any DAMs search capabilities. Each bit of data added to XMedia is tagged with metadata, some are generic other are client specific.
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Users of XMedia are able to share assets among each other or externally.
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Campaign Folders and Asset Availability
Campaign Folders presents assets in a more descriptive way. XMedia’s Asset Availabilty module ensures the right assets are made (un)available at the right time
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Data import
Chances are that XMedia is not your first DAM solution and that you would like to transfer previous work to XMedia.
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XMedia works seamlessly, for instance in relation to your product database, thereby making product information accessible right next to your assets.
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User administration
If you are using XMedia templates, the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used and by whom.
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If you’re using XMedia templates the Statistics module will provide an easy-to-understand overview of how templates are being used by your company.
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XPublish templates
Templates can be anything; a poster, a sign, an ad, a flyer, a brochure, whatever.
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XMedia provides two types of workflow: "Asset workflows" and "XMedia template workflows".
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At Spring XPress we take pride in ensuring a troublefree implementation of Xmedia as well as creating a solid foundation for your company’s adaption of XMedia.
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