Image processing

Image preparation

Whether you work with digital medias or printed publications, consistent and uniform quality of images is important. Our image processing systems ensure that your entire product portfolio and all images in final marketing material look as good as possible and always are easily available in desired sizes, formats and versions.

Time-consuming tasks, such as cut-outs, masking retouch, image extensions, color grading, sharpness and skin color adjustments are made easy –on both large and small-scaled basis. This creates an overall uniformity in all your images and ensures that they always appear with the same unique color scheme, thus reinforcing the general visual identity of your products.

For ongoing or recurring productions, our workflows and digital assets management systems handle logistics and the conversion processes.

This is what you get with Spring XPress’ image processing systems:

  • Consistent high quality
  • Low costs
  • Reliable delivery with predefined time limits

Color management

If your products are color-critical – for instance fashion, shoes, textiles, or furniture – color management is important. Our systems enable efficient color management throughout the entire process. This ensures that the colors of the images in the final publication match the colors of the real products as closely as technically possible. 

Efficient color management requires the right equipment in order to allow Spring XPress’ skilled graphic designers to fine-tune your images. We use high-grade auto calibrating screens, hard proofing printers, and a controlled light environment. We also offer the possibility to work with your printers for soft proofing. We work with both industry standard color profiles and special profiles for proofing and verification of entire print productions for specific media, thus taking precaution for situations where there is only a small color space available. 

We also offer assistance for up-front color optimization by guiding your photographer and working with RAW-files.

This is what you get with Spring XPress’ color management systems:

  • Consistent color presentation regardless of medias
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Increased client/consumer trust 

High-end image creation and composition

At Spring XPress, we strive to get right under the skin of your products or your message in order to make sure we are in a position to bring out the right look and feel of your images.

We are experts in working with fashion brands and consumer design products. We aim to optimize the overall visual quality by perfecting details which may seem insignificant but which could possibly create an imbalance in the image when it is published. This is achieved by applying color grading, skin softening and special light settings where needed in order to bring the images up to a higher level.

Our approach to high-end image composition is simple; if you can imagine it, we can create it. We can build life-like images almost from nothing by combining your prototypes with existing images to create a photographic environment where your product stands out like a star.

This is what you get with Spring XPress’ high-end image creation and composition:

  • Improved brand reputation
  • Enabling zoom-in for viewing picture details
Fields of Expertise
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Image processing
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